1. I want to be a cleaner. How do I do this?
    Go to our signup section and register. Once all the boxes are complete please accept our Terms & Conditions. Where this will take you to our signup fee & DBS check system for you to complete.
    Please allow 7 days for your DBS check to come back and one of our Admin team to accept your registration to join TNCC. *T&C apply.
  2. Can I take pictures or record my cleaner?
    No you cannot!! This is against our confidential policies.
  3. What are your working hours?
    Monday—Friday 07.00am—22.00pm
    (iast booking to be at 8pm cleaners to be out of property at 22.00pm.)
    Saturday 07.00am—21.00pm
    (East booking to be at 7pm cleaners to be out of property by 21.00pm.)
    Sunday 10.00am -16.00pm
    (last booking to be at 14.00pm cleaners to be out of property by 16.00pm.)
  4. What are your prices?
    £95.00 an hour for fully Naked Cleaning
    £75.00 an hour for topless and lingerie.
    The minimum booking time is a minimum of 2 hours.
  5. Can I amend my appointment?
    Yes of course please contact your cleaner through our system to reschedule your appointment.
  6. How much notice do I have to give in advance to cancel an appointment?
    Please allow 24 hours’ cancellation notice to your cleaner.
  7. What happens if the cleaner cancels the appointment?
    If for any reason your cleaner would have to cancel last minute.
    You will be refunded your booking fee with 5 working days.
  8. What happens if I need to cancel the booking?
    If for any reason you need to cancel your booking can you
    please try to give 24 hours’ notice of this. Your booking fee is not be refundable.
  9. How do I pay?
    Once you select your cleaner and arrange time/date you Will make a booking fee to TNCC to secure the booking, then you will pay the cleaner on arrival of the booking at your property in cash or bank transfer.
  10. Can I book more than one Cleaner.
    Yes, you can have more than one cleaner at a time. You will have to make the bookings separate. Please choose separate cleaners from our online booking system.
  11. Can other people be present at the property at the time of my booking?
    No only yourself should be present. If our cleaner arrives and there is more than one person present she will have to leave immediate for safety reasons.
  12. Do I have to supply cleaning product/materials.
    Yes, you do provide all materials and equipment for our cleaners.
  13. Which areas do you Cover?
    We provide our services throughout the UK.
  14. Can I touch the cleaner?
    No, TNCC have a very strict you can look but not touch policy.
    TNCC will contact the local authorities we are made aware this has happened.
  15. Do you provide any other services besides cleaning?
    No, we are solely a domestic cleaning company.
  16. What happens if I get excited when my cleaner is cleaning?
    Our cleaners are very professional and will understand that this will happen. However please respect them and their personal space.
    We are solely a domestic cleaning company and do not provide any sexual services.